Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise

Dogs need mental and physical exercise to stay healthy and to stay out of trouble. There are many ways to provide your pooch with substantial workouts to maintain a healthy, obedient lifestyle. Talk to your dog’s vet to find out how much and what types of exercises are best for your dog based on his breed and age.

Walking is, of course, great physical exercise for dogs. However, the average walks where you lead along the same path every day is lacking in canine mental stimulation. Regularly encourage your dog’s natural impulses by changing the scenery or allowing your dog to lead so he will feel more satisfied from “tracking and hunting” instead of continuously following your lead on a routine trail. If he enjoys the company of other humans and dogs, visit a local dog park to allow social interaction. Doggy daycare will provide your four-legged companion with the workout he needs if you are unable to promote the workouts yourself.

When the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor romp, consider these indoor activities to help your best friend get his exercise and to prevent boredom. Teach your dog new tricks or play old tricks. Playing fetch inside the house is as much fun as playing fetch outside. Walk up and down the stairs a few times. Playing hide and seek with you or his treats is a great scent workout.

By keeping your dog active throughout the day, you are helping him maintain a healthy weight which will also help avoid diseases such as diabetes, respiratory disease and heart disease. Obesity can also intensify common problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. Weight control isn’t the only focus of a good workout. Stimulating natural instincts and eliminating boredom are the other factors that exercise offers. A tired dog is a good dog.

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