10 Questions You Must Ask Your Breeder

I can remember it vividly: our long-time pooch had unfortunately passed away recently due to complications with cancer, and we were at a Golden Retriever breeder checking out a litter of new-born puppies. Our original plan was to see the puppies, meet the breeder, and come back to claim ours once they were old enough. Well, there were also two eight-week old pups still available from the last litter. An hour and a bit later, and we were on the way home with our new eight-week old Golden Retriever puppy: Vimy. What’s the point of this little story? Puppies are cute – dangerously cute.


When you are planning on purchasing a puppy from a breeder, don’t fall in love too fast. Make sure that you obtain the proper information from the breeder before turning and running with your new companion. Leaving with a puppy who is not yet old enough to leave the breeder can be a big mistake.

Our good friends at Canadian Dogs have compiled an excellent list of 10 crucial questions you must ask your breeder before leaving with your new dog. When you hop over to their website, make sure you take a look around the rest of it too! It is jam-packed with need-to-know information about dogs and dog-owning.


Find out the 10 questions you must ask your breeder here!

Canadian Dogs is an online and print publication which is all about our favourite canine pals. They are the #1 guide for finding and raising your new best friend. Check them out, they have tons of awesome content to absorb! 

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