One For Pets Inc., Premium Pet Travel Gear & Pet Accessories

One for Pets Inc. is a Canadian wholesaler, supplying to over 400+ pet stores in both Canada and the United States. We specialize in safe pet travel solutions, soft folding pet carriers, indoor/outdoor kennels and cat activity towers, to facilitate different travel means, such as vehicle, airplane and public transportation.

Apart from the travel solutions, we have also committed to providing an effective sleep solution for aging, and large breed dogs with our washable Orthopedic Interlaced Air Mattress (IAM). In addition, our pet apparel line is designed to fit dogs in all shapes and sizes from Pug, Boxton Terriers, Whippet, and Labrador. Our feeding accessories include heavy duty food containers and raised “kurve” pet bowls.
We invite you to visit us at our booth #i-49 and to visit our website and social media channels:

Please also watch a video of our Orthopedic Interlaced Air Mattress:

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