The use of stickers or helium balloons as give-aways and to decorate exhibits is absolutely forbidden.

Contests, draws, and merchandise give-aways will not be permitted without the approval of Show Management. Draws conducted by exhibitors in conjunction with their exhibit must be free of any obligation on the part of their winner.

Prize winners must not be required to place an order before collecting the prize offered.

The listing of prizes and terms of the draws must be clearly stated on the entry form.

Please note that the selling of raffle tickets is not permitted.

Exhibitors wishing to conduct a contest/draw in association with/at The Ottawa Dog Festival must complete the contest/draw approval form, and ensure that they follow all rules under section 59 of the Competition Act obtainable from Consumer and Corporate Affairs. Failure to comply with the rules of this Act constitutes a criminal offence.

Contest Approval Form

Deadline Date: May 27, 2017

  • Contact Information

  • Contest/Draw Information

  • Create a catchy title that describes your contest/draw and gets folks excited to come see you. Be sure to include your company name!
  • Please enter a description of your contest/draw. This description will be used online on the Ottawa Dog Festival's Contest and Draw Page. Please be specific and be sure to include what guests will need to do to participate, what they could win and include your booth number so they know where to find you!
  • Please describe your prize (s). Include a description, the value of the prize and any restrictions associated with the prize collection of use. This will not be displayed on the website. It is for administrative use only.
  • *The names of all winners must be given to Caneast Shows Inc. after the show. Any lists accumulated from contest/draw cannot be sold or forwarded to a third party. All contest/draws must be free of charge.