The Festival does NOT supply electrical services.


Please read and understand these regulations. Your display will be inspected at the show.

  1. Each exhibitor who displays or offers for sale any electrical equipment in the province of Ontario is subject to the requirements of the Electrical Safety Code of Ontario and compliance with these regulations is mandatory. 
  2. No person shall advertise, display, or offer for sale or other disposal, or sell or dispose of any electrical equipment unless it has been approved in accordance with Rule 2-024 of the Electrical Safety Code of Ontario. The noted Rule 2-024 in the Code describes the process to have this equipment satisfy the requirements of Rule 2-022, which states that all equipment must bear proof of Certification acceptable to the Code, or the equipment must be approved by an acceptable agency which is accredited by this code.
  3. Any accredited certification agency or approval agency can approve this equipment for use, or for sale in this province. To be accredited, the agency must be recognized under the Electrical Safety Code of Ontario as such an agency and be accepted by the Standards Council of Canada. The two most common methods for dealing with unapproved equipment is to have it approved by one of the following agencies:

Electrical Safety Authority
1 Terence Matthews Cres., Ste. 130
Ottawa, ON K2M 2G3
613-271-1489 or 1-800-559-5356

Canadian Standards Association
178 Rexdale Blvd.
Toronto, ON M9W 1R3
416-747-4000 or 1-866-797-4272

  1. Inspectors from the Electrical Safety Authority will be visiting the show to ensure compliance with the code. They will identify any unapproved equipment in evidence, and offer information to exhibitors detailing the steps required to have the unapproved equipment accepted. 
  2. Any questions concerning regulations for booth wiring should be addressed to the Electrical Safety Authority. 
  3. Failure to comply with Safety Code requirements can result in electrical equipment being refused connection to the source of electrical supply and it may be ordered removed from the display.


The Festival, in accordance with City of Ottawa bylaws, requires that all decorations and material for display are flame-proofed. This law does not apply to your products. The primary concern is with vertical-hanging fabrics. An inspector will be visiting every booth on set-up day to conduct fire tests on all display materials. All tested material that holds a flame for more than two seconds is deemed to have failed.

You should test all your materials before you arrive for set-up. Hold a flame to a sample of the material for 12 seconds; if it burns for more than 2 seconds after you remove the flame, it is not acceptable. To have your material flame-proofed in advance, please check the Fireproofing or Textile Finishers section of your Yellow Pages. Please take the time to read over the following Fire Regulations. The law prohibits the show from opening until all violations are corrected and the regulations strictly followed.

  1. These materials shall be flame-proof if used for display or decorative purposes: flowers (artificial), foliage (artificial), paper (cardboard less than 1/8″ is considered paper), plastic materials, ruscus, split wood and bamboo fibres, Styrofoam, and textiles. Wallpaper is permissible if adhered securely to walls or board. 
  2. The use of the following is prohibited: acetate fabrics, corrugated paper boxboard, seamless paper, and paper-backed foil.
  3. It is not necessary to flame-proof textiles, papers, and other combustible merchandise on display for sale but the quantity so used shall be limited to the displaying of one salvageable length. Each sample must differ in colour, weave, or texture.
  4. The use of open flame is limited to certain articles of merchandise where the operation of an approved appliance or device definitely helps to promote the sale of such equipment. Equipment must be set up in a manner to comply with approved safety standards; a suitable fire extinguisher shall be provided on recommendation of the Inspector. If at any time the Inspector deems such equipment to be operated in a manner dangerous to public safety, he/she shall cancel the privilege of the Exhibitor concerned. 
  5. Flames should not be used for the purpose of attracting attention.
  6. Flammable liquids or gases shall not be stored inside the tent. AEROSOLS: It is permissible to exhibit one pressurized container, not exceeding one-pint capacity of each product classified as a flammable liquid. Non-flammable products are not restricted.
  7. Displays must not encroach on EXIT doorways, nor may exit doors be concealed or obscured by drapes or partitions in any manner.
  8. No portion of displays shall project into any aisle.